Seljalandsfoss waterfall, Iceland 2014

Seljalandsfoss waterfall, Iceland 2014


From my high vantage point, I can see forever into the distance.

I’m looking, searching for food, a mate. The water rushes below me, thundering to the ground. The voices of the people on the beach are lost in the sound. I don’t fly too close to the water but I like the feel of the spray. It's cool and fresh. It helps to clean my feathers and shake the dust out from the air. When I have a moment of time, I perch to pick at the tiny insects that hide in my wings and body.

The sun is bright today and the sky clear of cloud. I’m hunting for food, examining the grassland far below me for movement. I'm looking for a sign that a rodent lies there unaware that I am here watching, learning for when I can dive.

I don’t always win. Often they sense a shift in the air above them. They’re fast. Faster than I can get to them. But sometimes I am faster. My talons are long and curved. I can grab a rabbit that’s been startled by the flurry of activity, by the fear that’s spread through its family. It sits. Still. Its twitching nose and whiskers catch the light. My claws dig deep into its flesh before it can make a sound. I am clean and quiet. This is my morning.

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