Viewpoint over Massif Central, France 2012 © Tanya Clarke

Viewpoint over Massif Central, France 2012 © Tanya Clarke

Writing Prompt No. 53

The wind blew up and through the valley.

It was light and cool. Tendrils of air wound around and through the leaves and the trees of the mountainside. A bird stretched out its wings as if about to fly. Instead it fluttered its flight feathers before tucking them back down alongside its body. A spider lifted a leg; all the tiny hairs upright and alert. It turned and vanished into a crack in the wood. The line of ants that marched along the guide-rail scattered down down the sides at the sound of sudden rain. The water ran down narrow trails looping around small rocks and boulders.

When they stepped up onto the place they had taken as home bloodshed trailed behind them. No one was left alive. They stood large with the horror of what they had done. All claims to their humanity lost in the forests.

A snake slithered down the arm of the strongest one and slid across the floor. It’s head led a winding way up the leg of the traitor. Its tongue flicked tasting the air.

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