Front garden, North Vancouver, Canada 2018

Front garden, North Vancouver, Canada 2018


Brenda stared out of the window as she washed lettuce leaves under the cold running tap.

“Nosey. What’re you looking at?” said her husband Phil.

“Oh, my goodness!” said Brenda holding her hand to her chest. “You made me jump out of my skin!”

“So,” said Phil. “What’s going on out there you need to know about?”

Brenda turned the tap off and shook the leaves in the colander.

“That plant. Weed, I should say. It’s getting bigger. Climbing right over our wall.”

“What plant?” Phil plucked a lettuce leaf out of the colander and popped it in his mouth.

“Oh, Phil. You are unbelievable. You never notice anything.” Brenda tutted as she gave the colander another shake and tipped the leaves into a salad bowl. “It’s right there. Creeping over the wall.”

Phil peered along Brenda’s out-stretched arm all the way to where her finger pointed.

“Isn’t it meant to be there?” he said. “Does it have flowers? It might be nice in Spring.” He picked another leaf out of the bowl. Brenda smacked his hand away.

“Hands out,” she said motioning at Phil to move away. “It just shows a lack of concern. God knows what their house is like.”

Phil grabbed his wife around her waist pulled her close and planted a large wet kiss on her lips.

“Phil!” said Brenda in mock horror. She turned her head still in Phil’s embrace. “It’s just such a blemish on the wall.”

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