Vapour trail

Sky in Vancouver, 2019

Sky in Vancouver, 2019


Some things I noticed this morning:

A huge pile of dark compost absorbing all the light, lying on a bright blue rectangle of tarpaulin.

A dog silently barking at a window. I see him every day.

A man opening a drawer in his garage.

A woman says, I ignored her yesterday. It seems to work with my husband but not with dogs.

The old man walking with two poles doesn’t say hello.

Two yellow pots with yellow flowers positioned at the top of a driveway.

Basketball hoops. I never see anyone shooting hoops.

A man mowing the grass verge trying to navigate around a pole.

Two unplanted plants - have they been dug up or are they about to be put in the ground?

The white fur trim around the hood of a pale pink puffy jacket.

The man says, that’s right, go to mummy.

The high pitched vibrating sound of an electric blade.

A half built house with no windows.

A portaloo called The Pit-Stop.

Her tail between her legs.

A man jogging towards us, crosses the road.

A thin dangly wasp.

A lump in the road.

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