An elk in Tusyan, Arizona, USA 2016

An elk in Tusyan, Arizona, USA 2016

Writing Prompt No. 129

There are people following me.

It started with one and now there are fifteen. They stop when I stop and walk when I walk. There are some new, young saplings planted here I haven’t seen before. The fence around them is annoying and does get in my way but I’m tall and can reach high enough to eat the juiciest shoots. No one’s trying to hurt me. I don’t understand why they’re so interested in what I’m doing? What are they doing? And why do they only have two legs? I’ve noticed they all have these black rectangular objects that glow on one side. They keep holding them up towards me. There must be something on them as every so often they stop and gather around one looking, smiling and pointing.

It’s noisier here than I remember and some of the ground is very hard and unforgiving. There are a lot of things I can’t eat. Too hard and shiny. I think if I can cross this grey section here, there’ll be more young trees for me on the other side. I need to climb over this fence first. Shouldn’t be too much trouble. It’s quite low and my legs are long. I wonder if it’s here to keep me in or keep me out. Either way it doesn’t work. I need to mind my antlers though. If I knock them against this bright thing above my head it’ll make my head hurt. Sometimes they can be difficult, antlers.

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