Urban dog

Urban dog, Tulum © Tanya Clarke 2018

Urban dog, Tulum © Tanya Clarke 2018

Writing Prompt No. 6

A list of dogs.

How many can I think of?

A golden doodle. We have one. A black golden doodle. Her father is a standard poodle called Raven. The golden in the name is the retriever part. Golden retriever. Lots of people say, “But she isn’t golden?” No. She isn’t. Sometimes known as a groodle. I might start saying that.

A labradoodle. Everyone thinks she’s a labradoodle. Different to our dog. Shorter legs.

A jack russell. My granny had one. White with splotches of black and brown. She had a firm body - was she a he or a she? I don’t remember - a firm body. Patting her felt like patting a bag of sugar. Then granny got a boxer. And so did my friend. All muscle.

We had an Irish red setter when I was young. When I was six, she and a doggie friend unhooked the latch on my rabbit’s hutch and chased her round the garden. My mum managed to catch my rabbit but she died of shock in my mum’s arms. Some years later when we lived in a different house, my auntie clipped our red setter all over after she got fed up trying to comb out the knots from the feathery fur on her legs. My mum and dad were furious when they saw her. Not so helpfully I thought she looked funny.

My other grandparents owned a Dalmatian and a sausage dog. I was very young and don’t remember them.

I’ve never liked German shepherds very much. What’s the difference between them and Alsatians? Our neighbour had a scary looking one that killed my sister’s cat. My dad saw it happen from the window. Just too late to save her.

Despite all this I like dogs.

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