Upside down

Ambleside, 2019

Ambleside, 2019


The lake is dark and still with not a ripple of movement.

The water reflects the sunlight making it as smooth as silk. I peer through the willow branches that droop down and tickle the surface. The reflection is a perfect mirror of what lies above.

A curved line moves across the water, and another, and another sweeping in unison across the water. A sudden darkness clouds the lake and the bright sun disappears. I rub my arms in the cold air. The bench is hard and uncomfortable. I shift in my seat, waiting. My phone is in my hand. I run my thumb across its cool expensive exterior. The edges are rounded, the weight solid in my palm. It rings. The vibration makes me jump. I wasn’t expecting a call. The number is unfamiliar. My thumb hovers over ‘accept’. I press decline. I don’t know who it is. No one in my contacts.

A duck quacks loudly and flaps its wings reaching up into the air as water spills across its back and falls down and around its webbed feet. The sun appears warming the air again and blue sky gleams in the mirror of the water.

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