Something under the surface, 2018

Something under the surface, 2018


Alice brushed away the top layer of soil, feeling the ridged bumps of spine underneath her fingers.

The bones were barely hidden underneath the surface. Her heart thudded in her chest. She took a small trowel and picked at the dirt embedded in the spaces in between. The backbone rippled beneath her causing a crack to form along the path.

She stood up, stumbling backwards with fright. The sudden movement made her head swim and vision blur as her blood pressure plummeted. She closed her eyes for a second before steadying herself, resting her hand against a nearby post.

“Everything okay?” said Freddie walking up to her. “You alright, Alice? You look as if you’ve seen a ghost.”

Alice tucked her shirt into her jeans, gathered her hair up into a ponytail winding the rubber band around and around her hair so tight the skin by the side of her face pulled with tension.

“My imagination,” she said. “You were right. It’s here.”

Freddie knelt down to where Alice pointed and ran his fingers along the protruding vertebrae.

“I knew it was here,” he said. “Such a beautiful sight.” His voice was quiet and reverent.

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