Two wheel tricycle

On the pavement in Brighton, UK. Photograph by Tanya Clarke

On the pavement in Brighton, UK. Photograph by Tanya Clarke

Writing Prompt No. 90

“Is that it?”

Maureen looked at the small collection of useless items piled up on the pavement.

“It’s everything out of the house now,” said Ruth wheeling an old tricycle out to join the pile.

“What the hell do you think I want that for?”

“Mum thought you might like it. For one of the kids.”

“What kids?”

“School kids.”

“Are you insane? For a start, it's lost a back wheel and what playschool would have an old rusty thing like this?” Maureen lifted it up, twirled it around and dropped it to the floor. “Unbelievable.”

“That’s all of it so either take it or dump it.”

“What did you get?” Maureen started down the path to the front door.

“Not much,” said Ruth. “There’s no point going in.”

Maureen stopped and turned. Her eyes caught sight of the large tote bag her sister was carrying. Silver things poked out of the top glinting in the sun. Ruth pulled the bag around to her waist holding it with both hands in a protective grip.

“What’s in there?” said Maureen pointing and heading up the path. Ruth turned and made her way down the road towards her car. She opened the boot, put the bag in and shut it before Maureen reached her. She was panting and out of breath.

“You need more exercise,” said Ruth, folding her arms. She pressed the car fob and the car locked with a comforting click.

“She always loved you more,” said Maureen.

“That’s where you’re wrong. She just hated me less.” Ruth walked around the car to the driver’s side. “I’m just taking what is rightfully mine.”

“What did you say to her? How come you were here so fast? Why didn’t you tell me sooner?”

Ruth said nothing. She opened the car door, got in and drove away as Maureen looked on standing in the middle of the road.

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