Two red chairs

Bill Spiedel’s Underground Tour, Seattle 2018

Bill Spiedel’s Underground Tour, Seattle 2018


Every ornament lined up along the mantelpiece tumbled to the floor rolling to one side of the room.

A low rumble vibrated deep in the belly of the earth. Johnathan shouted at his family to drop to the floor and cover their heads. This was big. There hadn’t been anything like this in years. Only shakes and tremors here and there. Lynda grabbed their youngest, pulled him to the floor where they crawled until they were under the kitchen table. She looked out her eyes flicking from room to room checking for their other two finding them crouched low covering their heads with their hands. Amy looked up her face pale and frightened.

“Stay where you are.” Lynda’s voice was low and calm despite the pounding in her chest and the noise of things crashing to the floor.

No one said a word as the floor began to rise into a dome before cracking along the full length of the room. Two chairs skittered out from under the table, bounced over the tiles and fell back against the far wall.

“Where’s Rio?” Johnathan shouted across to Lynda who leaned forward trying to catch his words.

“Rio?” she said.

“Have you seen him?”

“I don’t know,” she said. “I don’t know where he is.”

“Stay here,” he said as he stood.

“Johnathan! No! This is too dangerous. He’s a clever animal. He’ll find somewhere safe.”

The faces of his children turned towards him. They were shaking and silent.

“Daddy?” said Maddie. “Where’s Rio?”

Johnathan looked at Lynda. He saw her shape her mouth into words he couldn’t understand. Out of the corner of his eye was movement. The piano was sliding towards him. Wheels. He’d forgotten to take the damn wheels off. He lifted his legs in a leap and dived out of the way.

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