Tiny vase

Shot glass and daisies, 2012/2013

Shot glass and daisies, 2012/2013


Carol washed out the shot glass and placed it upside down on the draining board.

“What happened to my flowers?” said Beth coming into the kitchen.

“They were dead so I threw them away.”

“But I loved them,” said Beth her eyes beginning to fill with tears.

“Not everything lasts forever,” said Carol a hardness in her voice.

Beth wiped her eyes with her fingers and sniffed hard drawing snot up into the back of her throat which she swallowed.

“I do not like you anymore,” she said.

Carol smiled at her young daughter. She knelt down until their eyes were level.

“Things die,” she said pushing a few strands of hair behind Beth’s ear. “Would you like a biscuit?”

“But why?”

“Why what?” said Carol reaching for the tin.

“Why must things die?”

“Well, I guess if everything lived forever the world would be too busy and full up.”

“Full up with daisies?”

“Yes. Full up with daisies.”

Carol flipped off the tin lid with her fingers.

“There’s chocolate or plain,” she said.

“All of them!” said Beth.

“One of each,” said Carol laughing. “After this you need to go back to bed. It’s late.”

“Will Daddy be home?”

Carol sighed.

“No. He’s gone now. Do you remember? We talked about it.”

“Like the daisies,” said Beth crumbs falling out of her mouth.

“Yes,” said Carol. “Like the daisies.”

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