Chesterman Beach, Vancouver Island © Tanya Clarke 2018

Chesterman Beach, Vancouver Island © Tanya Clarke 2018

Writing Prompt No. 5

She tucked her scarf up under her chin.

The air was cool, colder than she expected. Aiden prodded at the shape with a stick. He knelt down examining it closely. The strange shapes had all been swept onto shore after the storm in the night. The power had gone out, the storm having brought down a power line close to Alana’s house.

“I think they’re all dead.” Aiden said as he poked at the shape again.

“They’ve been washed up overnight I think. Stop poking at it Ady.” Aiden stopped for a moment before giving the shape one last - just to be sure - prod.


Aiden threw the stick down and stood up.

“Where do you think they’ve come from?” he said.

“Who knows. I’ve never seen them before. There was a story about ‘the others’ when I was your age.”

“What story?”

“Things. Beings that come out of the sea during a winter storm. They die on the sand. Seems no point really.”

“Not if you’re going to die.” Aiden kicked at the sand.

“Maybe they were trying to get somewhere else but the tide went out too quickly. Left them stranded.”

“It’s very weird.”

Alana nodded and buried her chin in her scarf. “It’s cold today.” She said.

“And quiet.” Said Aiden as he turned to walk back up the beach. “Where is everyone?”

Alana turned to follow him. The beach was empty. Usually there was someone walking their dog or going for a run. The mist was settling heavier around them. The headland had disappeared. She could only just make out the shape of her son as he started to run away from her.

“Ady! Stop a minute! I can’t see you very well through this fog.” But her voice fell into the air and vanished.

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