The ruins

The ruins of Tintagel Castle, Cornwall UK © Tanya Clarke

The ruins of Tintagel Castle, Cornwall UK © Tanya Clarke

Writing Prompt No. 74

“It’s like that book,” said Kath.

“What is?” said Janet as she climbed up the steep path trying not to slip on the smooth stones.

“You know, the one where she goes back in time. She’s a nurse, I think, in the second World War.”

“Oh. Yes. I know the one you mean. They made it into a series. I didn’t like it much.”

Janet swept the dust off from a low ruined wall and sat down.

“What’re you doing?” Kath was striding ahead, looking for the best point to take a photograph.

“Having a seat. Taking the weight off.” As Janet sat she dropped her bag down by her feet. “It’s warm today.” She dabbed at her armpits with a handkerchief lifting up her top exposing a small area of her stomach.

Kath didn’t say anything. The Ravens called to each other from the top of the roofless tower, their voices echoing inside the crumbling stones.

“I’m surprised we’re allowed in here. It’s so ancient.” Kath was walking and talking at a distance. Janet could still hear her.

“That man in the ticket office was a bit weird,” she said.

“He was a bit odd. He kept looking over my shoulder like there was someone else there.” Janet paused and took a sip of water. “There wasn’t. It was just you.”

“Thanks,” said Kath throwing her an irritated look. She put her hand to her brow shielding her eyes as she peered up into the sky.

“Those ravens are really loud. What do you think they can see from up there?”

The Ravens gathered together and flew into the air.

“Strange,” said Kath, turning to see Janet disappearing around the side of the tower.

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