The opposite of shadow

Three hands and a ginger cat, Brighton UK, 2012 © Tanya Clarke

Three hands and a ginger cat, Brighton UK, 2012 © Tanya Clarke

Writing Prompt No. 55

Light radiated through the small stained glass window splintering into all the colours of the rainbow.

The light broke apart the shape of the statue throwing limbs into deep shadow and a hand into such brilliant white light all detail was lost.

The girl stood staring at this play of beauty. She stepped towards the statue reaching out her own hand. As she walked through the beam of light, all the colours sparkled across the sequins sewn across her sweatshirt.

The coloured light faded to white. Her hand stroked the cool sculpted stone. Something furry brushed against her bare leg. A ginger cat had wandered in - blinking - its pupils widening in the darkness. The cat’s tail wound and curled through the girl’s ankles. She bent down to stroke it. The cat arched its back with her touch. It started to purr.

After a time the girl looked up. No one else was around her. All the people had left. She shivered in the darkness. The beam of light had gone leaving a cold dim gloom. The cat had disappeared. The girl’s hand felt hot, it was starting to burn. Lifting it to her face her eyes squinted as her hand shimmered with brightness. The white light began to crawl up her arm.

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