That was then



Arthur looked around for something to stand on.

He needed to get higher. His editor had been clear.

More pictures. Better pictures. Really get in amongst the people.

Arthur curved his fingers in a tight grip around his camera. The day was sunny. Plenty of light. He spotted a ladder leaning against the wall of an empty building. There was a smell of perspiration mixed with coal dust that cloaked every man that stood before him. Everyone was gathering into a crowd, shuffling for space, small pockets of conversation drifted here and there.

Arthur stepped onto the lower rung and began to climb, pulling himself up until he was up above the crowd. He placed his camera in front of him on the small platform before pulling himself up and onto the same level. As he stood, his legs wobbled and he grasped at a low wall just next to him. This was good. A photograph from up here would give a sense of the scale of the protest. He steadied himself taking long breaths to calm his swirling head. He removed his hat and wiped away the sweat that was running into his eyes and blurring his vision. He flipped it back onto his head and pushed the brim back a little as he lifted his camera to his eye.

Several men in the crowd turned to face the lens as he snapped off one photograph, pulled out the dark slide and replaced it with another. When he’d finished he placed the exposed dark slides back into his bag before starting to climb back down the ladder.

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