Temple in the sun

At the ruins in Segesta, Sicily, 2002. Photograph by Tanya Clarke

At the ruins in Segesta, Sicily, 2002. Photograph by Tanya Clarke

Writing Prompt No. 82

Susan pulled her sun-hat down over her eyes.

She wasn’t in the least bit interested in a pile of ancient rocks. Despite what her father said.

”It’s terribly important you know. As we’re here we must visit.”

Susan swung her backpack over in front of her and opened it. She grasped the cool bottle of water she’d bought from the shop at the ticket office for an exorbitant fee. No matter. She knew it was important to stay hydrated.

She patted her cheeks with a tissue. Foundation wiped off with her perspiration. An unwise move to have applied makeup before this outing. She passed the water to her father, camera swinging on a strap from her forearm.

He stood there reading every last sentence, hand poised around his mouth. He was an amateur archaeologist with more than a passing interest in Roman history. Or was it Greek?

Where the hell are we anyway?

Susan put the almost empty bottle back in her bag. At her sandalled feet a line of ants was making its way to a half eaten sandwich lying underneath the information sign. She moved her feet away but carefully so as not to disturb them.

She placed her hands on her hips and looked at the sight before her. The temple was quite majestic. Maybe she’d underestimated this trip. Maybe for once Dad was right.

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