Take the corner

Cafe in Lahaina, Maui 2019

Cafe in Lahaina, Maui 2019


The back of her hand brushed over the soft and luxurious textured fabric.

Even the cushions were expensive. Audrey wasn’t quite sure whether to sit or stand. She hovered for a few minutes. She’d arrived before her allotted time so there was half an hour to take in her surroundings. She sat down at the end of the sofa right at the edge, knees together, hands on her lap.

A silent retreat. Three days of self-investigation. Her mind. Her problems. When she’d booked a place on the website she’d drunk a bottle of wine and had moved onto gin and tonics. Sadie, her best friend, thought it would be a laugh. They were supposed to be here together. But Sadie bailed leaving Audrey here alone.

The wisp of a cool breeze tickled the hairs on her arms. Everything was so white and clean. And silent. The ching of a bell sounded in the distance. Audrey shifted in her seat desperate for something to read. She’d had to hand in her phone at reception with her book and magazine. Nothing was allowed that could distract her from herself. She scratched at the eczema that encircled her neck and was starting to creep up under her chin. She didn’t have a watch. There was no clock. Time was still in this room of waiting.

A knot was forming in the back of her throat. She gulped and swallowed hard. Her mantra - no grief, no sadness, no tears. Confusion filled her chest. She touched her hand to her heart. Why was she here?

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