Super car wash

Elephant Super Car Wash, Seattle USA © Tanya Clarke 2018

Elephant Super Car Wash, Seattle USA © Tanya Clarke 2018

Writing Prompt No. 41

“How can I help you?” Dr. HelpMe looks over the top of his reading glasses.

Adam pauses for a moment, unsure quite how to continue.

“So well, there’s this…I woke up…this morning. I woke up and something was different about my eyes.”

“In what way?” Dr. HelpMe leans back in his chair and takes his glasses off.

“So…well…I seem only to be able to see in neon. It’s making my head really ache, just here.” Adam places his fingertips on his forehead. Dr. HelpMe raises his eyebrows, reaches forward to his keyboard and taps something, only he can see, into his computer. Adam stops talking waiting for Dr. HelpMe to finish.

“Mmm, I see. Carry on, carry on,” he says continuing to stare into the screen.

“It’s really quite difficult to get around. Everything I look at is outlined in neon light.”

“Had a fall recently? Banged your head? Any injury to the eyes?” Dr. HelpMe stops typing and leans forward towards Adam taking his wrist in his cold hand to check his pulse. He pulls his stethoscope over his head, plugs the ear-buds into his ears and asks Adam to pull up his t-shirt.

“Hmm,” says Dr. HelpMe.

Adam flinches with the cold of the stethoscope cup on his chest. Dr. HelpMe wheels back in his chair and stops to pull a piece of medical looking equipment from his desk drawer. A small light emanates from the pointed end at a flick of a switch.

“Look up for me, please.” Dr. HelpMe is uncomfortably close to Adam shining the bright light into his eyes. His breath is warm and fusty. “Look to the left…aaand….to the right….” Adam follows his instructions, “And slowly up…that’s right…and slowly down…” Dr. HelpMe puts the piece of optical equipment down, wheels back to his computer and starts tapping on the keyboard once more.

Adam looks at him. Dr. HelpMe is outlined in aquamarine with details of orange. His fingertips gleam bright green. Adam closes his eyes. he doesn’t know what else he can do.

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