Rented house, Gozo Island 2006

Rented house, Gozo Island 2006


Dear Neighbour,

I wonder if you would be kind enough to remove some of the sunflowers from your front garden. I’m sure you find them quite beautiful. I, however, find them rather garish and cheap-looking. Aside from that, there are so many of them they are starting to resemble a small forest and they are blocking the light to my sewing room.

I started sewing again after Frank died. I find great peace and calm with it. As the triffids continue to grow to such heights just beyond my fence, any daylight to my room is being cut by half which is terrible for my eye-sight. Frank had a daylight lamp installed in my room. Unfortunately, the bulb is broken and I can’t seem to find another anywhere.

It is a lovely place to live. I’ve been here for many years. Of course, we never had children much to our sadness. I enjoy hearing your children playing in the garden as long as their ball doesn’t get kicked over the fence. That is terribly annoying. I don’t like to answer the door you see. One can never be too sure who’s there and at my age, one can be taken advantage of. My friend Audrey, was taken to the cleaners by a door-to-door salesman. She signed over three thousand pounds from her savings for a sprinkler system for her garden. Of course, there wasn’t a sprinkler system. Can you believe it? She must’ve just woken up from a nap or something. She wouldn’t normally do such a stupid thing.

As I say, it pays to be careful these days. You don’t know who might be at the door. I do like the young man who comes and cleans the windows though. He’s nice. I always make him a cup of tea when he’s here. I have discovered some of my silverware is missing. Keeps disappearing piece by piece. I must be putting it somewhere without remembering where. Goodness! I’d lose my head if it wasn’t screwed on!

I do hope you’ll be able to do something about those sunflowers.


Your neighbour, Margaret, at No.74

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