Suburban blue sky

Blue sky through Buddleja in the garden, Brighton UK © Tanya Clarke 2009

Blue sky through Buddleja in the garden, Brighton UK © Tanya Clarke 2009

Writing Prompt No. 31

The grains of sand get stuck under her fingernails as she digs down with her hands to where the water begins to seep in.

The sun is warm on the back of her neck but there’s a cool wind that rushes up the beach to take her breath away. She pulls the sleeves of her sweater out and around her shoulders and pops her head through the neck. Pulling it down over her head she looks out to sea. Despite the wind the waves are small and the water shallow. She rubs her legs as the tiny short hairs create bumps along her skin. She shaved only two days ago and already the hair is growing.

“Where is everyone?” she says to no one else but herself. She stands holding her hand up to her eyes. In the distance, in the shallow water her daughter wades out up to her knees. She laughs, kicking the water up with her legs, splashing the surface with her hands. “Who is she talking to?” Her daughter is chatting away to thin air. Margot walks closer to the water, her feet sinking into the dry sand until she reaches the water’s edge. She moves slightly to the side where she sees him. Just for a moment. Standing there letting his fingertips run along the top of the water. She moves sideways again and he disappears. “Amy? Amy?” she says trying to make her voice loud enough over the wail of the wind. Amy turns to the direction of her voice. Margot can’t tell if she’s heard her. Her body is silhouetted against the sun leaving her face in shadow. Margot steps to the side again and he reappears laughing that wide mouth laugh. “What the…?” Margot steps into the water, the waves covering her toes, her feet, her ankles. She seems to be out of control.

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