Still water

Lynn Valley, North Vancouver 2018 © Tanya Clarke

Lynn Valley, North Vancouver 2018 © Tanya Clarke

Writing Prompt No. 69

“Do you think there’s anything in there?”

said Margot, placing her hands on her hips. Her eyes creased as she squinted in the reflected glare of the water.

“Maybe,” said Miriam, “Fish. Definitely.”

Miriam was the more practical of the two. Less likely to imagine a dark force moving under the water.

“Why is it rippling?” Margot said with some concern.

“It’s just the breeze.”

“Oh. Yes. I can feel it a little around my ankles.” Margot dropped her hands and bent down as if trying to catch the air with her fingers.

“Wait.” Miriam’s voice held a worry.

“What?” said Margot. “What is it?” She followed Miriam’s gaze out across the water. The ripples had gathered now into large concentric circles. She held her breath. The water began to rise and swell until a bubble reaching twenty metres across rose above the surface. The house on the other side of the lake became distorted through the huge watery lens.

“Margot”, said Miriam, “Get your things. Now!”

But Margot couldn’t move. She marvelled at the scene before her. The bubble moved across the water towards them. Margot held out her hand.

“Margot! Margot! No!” Miriam was frantic.

The bubble reached the edge of the lake and lapped at Margot’s feet. Margot touched the sphere of water with her fingertips. Her face lit with the bright light that shone within. Her hand sank into the bubble and then her arm. After a moment she stepped into the watery surface and disappeared.

Miriam ran towards the water her breaths short and tight. Her heart beating hard in her chest. The bubble dropped away before she could reach it leaving behind the lake quiet, flat and still.

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