The angle of light on the floor was warm and sharp.

It found the sandal on the floor and shaped it with hard, dark contrast. William twisted the pole by the side of the window one way, then the other, making the slats of the blinds open and close. Open. Close. Open. Close. After a time, he left them open and sat back down at the table tapping a chewed up pen lid he'd found on the floor against his front teeth. He knocked the pen that lay on the table onto the floor where it rolled under the dog's bed. He pushed his chair back and dropped to the floor feeling under the bed for it. The tips of his fingers felt something rough and small. He reached further to pick it up. A bone, and old chicken bone.

The cat wandered into the room purring and curling her tail up and around anything vertical. A chair leg, a door frame. William reached out his hand letting the cat sniff and lick his fingers.

He'd been there two hours when at long last she came home. The key turned in the lock and she pushed the door open. It had a habit of getting stuck on its hinges. She gave the door a shove. He'd always meant to fix that.

"Hello Maggie," he said.

Maggie stopped for a second and looked into the room.

"What're you doing here?" she said.

"Maggie, I'm so sorry."

Maggie chucked her keys into a small ceramic dish and slung her coat over a chair in the living room.

"Are you hungry?" she said. "Is that why you're making all this noise?"

William looked at Maggie. 

The cat looked at William.

Maggie reached down and picked up the cat. 

"What're you looking at?" she said rubbing her face against the top of the cat's head. "There's nothing there you silly thing. Nothing there at all"

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