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Kahalui airport, Maui 2019

Kahalui airport, Maui 2019


The suitcases rattled along the hallway, a steady hum of plastic wheels rolling along the rough flooring.

“Sorry. Excuse me. Excuse me, please. Could I…I just need to…Thank you so much.” Frank said as he ducked and weaved and side-stepped a path through the people milling about in the airport lounge.

His flight had been called after a long delay. He hated summer. So many tourists. One more year and he’ll be able to retire. Stop all of this. Take his time with life. Enjoy the company of his young wife. He’d not seen her in weeks. She’d stopped texting him. He’d noticed that. His daughter Maeve was suspicious. Told him she thought she was having an affair. He was sure this wasn’t true. They’d been married six months, he didn’t have millions in the bank. She must’ve married him for love? Hadn’t she?

He made his way to Gate 9 apologising as his case banged the legs of endless holiday makers ambling through the terminal building.

“Boarding pass, please.”

Frank pulled it out of his pocket along with his passport.

“Thank you.” The young woman smiled at Frank handing him back his documentation. Her image flickered in front of him reminding him of the TV they had when he was young. His wife stood in front of him.

“Marianne?” he said.

The fuzzy image smiled at him and took his hand.

“This way sir, straight ahead.”

The woman from cabin crew was pointing in the direction of the walkway.

“I’m so sorry,” he said. “You remind me of someone.”

The woman smiled.

“Next please,” she said and turned away from him.

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