Something caught my eye

Trail path, North Vancouver, Canada 2019

Trail path, North Vancouver, Canada 2019


I remember you kneeling down and brushing your hand across the path.

The wooden planks were sodden with rain. There was a smell of wet dust and soil. The last few weeks had been hot and dry.

“Something caught my eye. I thought it was here,” you said.

I knelt too looking where you pointed to but I didn’t see anything there. It was early evening and the jasmine flowers were letting their delicate fragrance fill the air around us. I remember closing my eyes and taking in a long deep breath.

You jumped down off the path, your feet sinking a little into the wet undergrowth, into the damp rotting vegetation that the insects enjoyed. I don’t remember what happened next. All I remember was the spiced warm odour of cologne drifting towards me.

I never saw anyone. When I came to you’d gone. Disappeared.

I’d collapsed off the path with the force and fallen into the wet leaves and dirt. A line of ants were crawling over me making their way through the hairs on my legs, making my skin tingle. I don’t remember how long I was there. But the cologne still lingered, trapped in my nostrils.

I managed to push myself up. My head ached blood was running down the side of my face. I pressed my fingers to my cheek then brought them to my nose but all I could smell was the warm heavy scent of cologne.

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