Shadow lines

Beautiful shadows in the midday sun © Tanya Clarke 2018

Beautiful shadows in the midday sun © Tanya Clarke 2018

Writing Prompt No. 20

Lines. Curved. Squared. Diagonal. Curling.

Are those table legs? I don’t know. I can’t quite see. Am I on top of the table?

She often leaves me on top of the table. I have a small window I can see out of. If she’s sat at the table she’ll unzip it for me so I can get a better view. She has unzipped it but I don’t know where she’s gone. Maybe she’s getting a coffee. She sometimes does that. Leaves me here.

When I was younger, I really worried when she’d sit me down on a chair or on the ground or on the table and then disappear. She’d come back. She always came back. With a drink. Coffee usually. A mocha cappuccino latte with a hazelnut caramel swirl drizzled across the top. Medium sized. Or grande as she says. I know all this because she told me once while she sat waiting for her friend. Her friend always brings her companion. He’s really handsome. I love watching his fur flutter in the breeze. He has a beautiful face. Long nose, brown eyes, long ears. His friend always brushes him every day. My human tries to remember. She says it’s hard to remember. I don’t know why. I’m right here with her all the time. I guess she does forget to brush her own hair.

Humans are funny creatures. Mine often has a furrow in her brow. She talks a lot to her friend about all sorts of things. There was another human that lived with us. A ‘he’. She called him her ‘boyfriend’. I don’t know what that means. I liked him though. He played with me and rubbed my tummy. Taught me to sit and lie down and give him my paw. I don’t know where he went. One day he just wasn’t there anymore. She didn’t tell me anything which is strange because she usually tells me everything.

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