Several floors high

Hyatt hotel in Kanapali, Maui 2019

Hyatt hotel in Kanapali, Maui 2019


Standing in the middle of the space I let the sunlight warm my face.

Several years had passed since I was first here. I opened my eyes absorbing the view of the place where we’d lived together. The place where we’d shared our lives once.

You used to push back my hair when a curl fell across my forehead. The softness of your touch warmed me. We connected then. Sometimes you would finish my sentences driving me mad and making me laugh at the same time.

You knew me so well.

You always smelt good out of the shower. You used a basic soap, nothing fancy, you would say, just whatever keeps me clean. The fragrance described one thing but smelt of something else.

You were difficult though. You had dark days where I couldn’t reach you. You shrank into a place I didn’t know and didn’t love. Maybe, if I could've loved that place you would still be here with me holding my hand in this sunny space.

I would run my fingers over your hands trying to find you, trying to reach where you’d gone to. You would look at me and a cloud would settle in your eyes. You couldn’t share your sadness. When those dark days became weeks then months I lost all hope. You became a shadow, curled in a corner, sleeping.

Then one day, you left. Left with nothing. No one knew where you'd gone to. They blamed me of course. I was with you. You should have known, they said. You should've kept him with you, they said. But I didn’t own you. You were you. I’m back here now after all this time. The ache in my body that yearned for you has dimmed. All I hear now is your laughter.

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