Picture taking in Canada, 2015

Picture taking in Canada, 2015


I don’t remember why I took this or where we were that day.

And that frustrates me. I saw something that caught my eye though. The careful balancing of a smartphone on a railing somewhere to take a photograph of something meaningful.

Or was it the letters M + A engraved with a sharpish blade near his right hand that caught my eye. Did I wonder then as I wonder now who M + A were? 

I imagine a couple, young, in love, making a mark that says to the world we're here together. As if it matters to us.

I remember the jacket he wears becoming faded and worn until the zip broke and the search for a replacement began. For him it was easy.

Not so for me. Am I particular? Fussy? Or are there just too many things to choose from?

He can find new items to wear within half an hour of entering a shop. It can take me half a year.

The screen is blank, shaded by its own shadow. I can't see the picture that is being so carefully framed.

Beyond lies trees, green, dense, out of focus. We're standing high looking from a viewpoint. If I searched back through all the pictures on my phone I would find it. That place. The place that we went to that day.

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