Rose garden




Jenny twisted the tube of lipstick until a bright smooth balm of colour rose above the edge of the tube.

She leaned towards the mirror that magnified her reflection. Her lips were huge. She formed her mouth into an O and drew the lipstick across her lips patting and smoothing along the way. She shaped her cupid's bow using the tip of the lipstick following the gentle curve of her lips into a pointed angle. She smacked and rubbed her lips together.

Her hair sat in wisps around her head, thin and white, devoid of colour for forty years. She lifted the full brunette wig from the stand and held it to her face. She pulled on a thin nylon cap over her head before placing the wig of someone else's hair over her own. She adjusted and re-adjusted until the waves of hair curled around her face and her own white hair that revealed her age had been hidden.

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