Rock fall

Hetch Hetchy recevoir, California 2016

Hetch Hetchy recevoir, California 2016

Writing Prompt No. 133

The cave wall was rough and bumpy underneath Eileen’s hands as she felt her way along in the dark.

There was further rumbling in the distance, more rock falling into the entrance of the cave. With each landed stone, any daylight was cut until she was left fumbling her way along in the darkness.

She’s been split from the rest of the group when the cave collapsed in on them. Their chatter of conversation was slammed shut by the sudden drop of the cave ceiling. Eileen was saved by her need to collect a sample of water from the covered lake. She was kneeling writing a label when her friends were crushed. Now she was on her own in the dark.

Her knuckles scraped against the walls of the cave, her nails tearing against the newly formed cracks. Sweat covered her face and body dripping down her back, rolling down her forehead into her eyes. The taste of salt around her mouth made her lick her lips.

She followed the compass she’d downloaded onto her phone the night before. She remembered the entrance to the cave faced south. She moved with great care stepping forward only when she was certain the ground was stable. The battery on her phone was failing. Now it was at fifteen per cent. Even on low power mode, it didn’t seem to be lasting long.

She stopped for a moment to wipe away the sweat from her face. High, high up ahead was the tiniest chink of daylight. She’d found where they’d come in.

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