In the camper van, 2015

In the camper van, 2015


The back of the spider brushed the bottom of Theresa’s foot as it hovered above the floor.

She flinched and rubbed the toes of her other foot where the spider had touched. Theresa caught the movement of something out of the corner of her eye. She yawned catching as much as she could into her lungs. The door swung open and a grim-faced woman stepped into the cell.

"Your father's here," she said.

Theresa let out a groan and her face fell into her hands.

"Do I have to leave with him?" she said.

"He's paid your bail." The woman's hair was scraped back into a small bun at the nape of her neck. Lines etched deep into her skin from the outside of her nose to the corners of her mouth.

"Okay, okay," said Theresa. "He hates me though. I am a 'DISAPPOINTMENT'."

"You can collect your things at the front desk." The woman turned and a gentle scent of Sure antiperspirant drifted into the cell. Theresa followed her into the bright light of reception. Her eyes began to water.

"Theresa! What the bloody hell do you think you're doing? Your mother's beside herself with worry. Clara's locked herself in her room. Jesus Christ." Theresa's father dragged his hand through his greying hair, his clear light blue eyes fixed on her. A rim of white circled the iris as his eyes widened. Theresa squared her shoulders and strode over to the front desk.

"I've come to collect my things. I'm Theresa Lord and this monster here," she said, "is my father."

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