Museum, France 2015

Museum, France 2015


Despite the bright day that filled the sky outside, darkness cloaked the house inside.

Behind her, the leaded lines of the windows faded back into the brilliant sunlight. She stood still, head turned to her right, waiting. Florence leaned back against the cold wall. The weak light in the room outlined her profile in a thin white line. She pushed at her head-piece.

"Christ it's hot in here," she said. "How much longer?"

"Half an hour," said Bea glancing down at her watch.

"You're not supposed to wear that," said Florence. "Full costume. No nik-naks or modern things."

"A watch isn't a nick-nak," said Bea putting her arm behind her back. "There's one more group. It's lovely out today," she said, turning to look out of the window. "That's strange," she said after a couple of minutes.

"What's that?" said Florence fanning her face with her hands.

"All the cars have gone," said Bea. She leaned in until her nose pressed up against the glass.

"Well that's great!" said Florence clapping her hands. "We're done for the day."

"I'm not sure that tree was there before." Bea was creating condensation with her breath on the window. "Did you know that there was a re-enactment day today?"

"Not today," said Florence. "Next week."

"This is weird," said Bea. "Come and look."

Florence sighed and wandered over to the window. The crowds of tourists, their coaches and cars had disappeared and in the distance, a horse-drawn carriage was making its way towards the house.

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