Deep Cove, Vancouver 2018

Deep Cove, Vancouver 2018


Ferns grew in a thick lush carpet along the forest floor.

A whisper of air that was light and free danced through the trees. Our feet kicked up loose pebbles and dust as we ran the trail that would lead us through the canyon and out the other side. Our arms pumped up and down beside us driving us on pushing us further. The scent of new growth surrounded us. On and on we went. There was no conversation just the sounds of our feet squashing whatever lay underneath us along our path.

The line of us was thin. The quick pace was filtering out the slower ones to the back of the group. The long legs of the front runner drove us on faster and faster. Some of us were struggling to keep up.

The air in the forest was damp and cool on our skin but there was no warm sun in the shadows to dry our bodies. The moisture clung to our skin, flattening the hairs on our limbs and sticking the hair to our heads.

Someone at the back stumbled. Their foot slipped on a loose rolling stick. Her hand reached for the ground until her feet found their grip once more. She slowed to steady herself gaining speed once her confidence resumed and her rhythm returned.

A shout up ahead warned us that water lay ahead. A river that coursed through the valley floor. We waded in. Sharp intakes of breath echoed and bounced around the rocks. The water was freezing. I shivered. This was not my idea of fun. The water lapped around my waist and I hesitated for a second before diving in.

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