Passenger list

Canadian Pacific passenger list 1929 (booklet) - postcard

Canadian Pacific passenger list 1929 (booklet) - postcard


Dear Freddie,

We’ve only been at sea for two days and already I am tired of it. A huge amount of passengers have been sick with the motion. It hasn’t been pleasant at all. I’ve spent most of my time either in the lounge, at the bar or on the deck. I miss you. How are mother and father? I hadn’t expected to leave so soon. I meet the family I am to work for in three weeks when we dock. Mr herring will be there at the harbour. Australia! Can you believe it? I’ve heard the heat can be unbearable. That there are spiders as big as your hand and animals unlike anything else in the world.

A year isn’t long yet it seems a lifetime stretching out before me. Emily, the girl I am to look after has written to me and tells me she’s excited to show me her bedroom and for me to meet her friends.

There was some excitement yesterday when a young boy was found in the engine room. A stowaway! I saw him. He looked so young and frightened. A little younger than you. I felt sorry for him. he looked terribly thin and sad. The Captain’s wife is taking care of him until we get to port. He’ll probably be sent back to Canada. Poor thing.

Hope you’re doing your schoolwork and not being too annoying for Lula. I’ll bring you back a present. Maybe one of those giant spiders! In a jar of course. Write to me often. I love reading your stories.

All my love, Tilly.

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