Over the hedge

North Vancouver, 2019

North Vancouver, 2019

Writing Prompt No. 126

By the time the car drew up outside, Agnes had already drawn the blinds.

She would pretend she wasn’t home. Nobody would be surprised. She didn’t often answer the door anyway. She sat in her living-room stroking her cat and sucking iced water through a straw. The sunlight dipped down through the slats across the windows. A shadow moved passed approaching the front door. There was loud, firm knocking. A voice.

Hello? Anybody there? Agnes?

Agnes didn’t move. Her breathing became shallow as she listened to her son’s voice but she remained quiet in her chair.

The cat stood and arched its back before jumping to the floor with a light thump.


Why didn’t he call her ‘Mum’?

The cat flap rattled in the door.

Hey, Fluffy. Where are you going? Agnes inside?

The voice softened. The shadow moved. Agnes held her breath. Nothing. The shadow moved away back from the door and back passed the window. Footsteps quieted as they headed down the path leading to the road. A car door opened and closed. Agnes breathed out. He was gone. A car engine started and wheels squealed as it accelerated away. In time, Agnes would explain to him. Today he had to wait.

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