Outside looking in

Camping, Sussex UK © Tanya Clarke

Camping, Sussex UK © Tanya Clarke

Writing Prompt No. 52

“I think I can get the window open.”

“Shush. You’re making too much noise.”

“We need to get it open. Eve needs milk.”

Milly looks down at the new-born she holds in her arms.

“We shouldn’t’ve taken her,” she says.

Her boyfriend is reaching for a crowbar he’s found in a nearby barn. He feeds the sharpened edge underneath the frame of the window.

“It was your idea,” he says heaving with the effort.

“I just wanted to get back at her that’s all. For being such a stupid bitch.” Milly strokes the head of the sleeping baby. “I would never hurt her. She is my sister after all.”

Ricky gives one last final tug but nothing happens. He chucks the bar to the ground. It lands with a dull thump.

“It’s cold out here,” he says, “Is she warm enough do you think?”

“Her hands are warm.” Milly tucks the fleece blanket up and under the baby’s chin.

“Do you think she’s called the police?” Milly looks at Ricky, worry filling her eyes.

“I reckon,” says Ricky, “You’re only 15 years old. They’ll be after me.” The skin on Ricky’s face looks pale and drawn, He tugs at the collar of his jacket, pulling it up to his chin.

“We‘ll just have to try the shop,” says Ricky beginning to walk away. “I’ll tell them my car’s broken down or something. You get what Eve needs.”

Milly starts to cry. “I never wanted this to happen. I hate her. What’re we going to do?”

Ricky wraps his thin arm around Milly’s small shoulders.

“I’m not sure I know.”

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