Out the back

Hotel balcony, Maui, Hawaii 2019

Hotel balcony, Maui, Hawaii 2019

Writing Prompt No. 92

José stood on the old wall as the storm formed over the mountain.

Palms swayed in the breeze. The storm hadn’t reached them yet.

- The birds have stopped, he said to his wife over his shoulder.

Gabriela went to the open window. The air was thick and sticky with moisture. José’s shirt stuck to his back with perspiration.

- Come in, José, she said opening the door wider.

The breeze was picking up. The trees murmuring in the short gusts of wind that were starting to whistle through the valley.

- Just a minute, said José. His eyes crinkled as he searched the Ridgeline of the mountain. Clouds are moving in, he said. It’s hard to see anything.

Gabriela rubbed her forehead. It’s been hours, she said.

Darkness rolled down the mountainside with the storm clouds covering the ridge. The wind was strong now, the trees bending and struggling in its speed. José’s shirt flapped around him slapping fabric against his torso.

- José, please come in. The wind. Gabriela stepped out onto the balcony as the wind dropped and the storm headed out to sea. José shielded his eyes from the emerging bright sun searching the ridge once more. After a time something moving attracted his attention. His eyes focused on three horses, saddles empty of riders, galloping towards them.

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