Some small things, 2011

Some small things, 2011


Trisha walks into the living room stepping on a neat line of tiny lego pieces.

She has no shoes or socks on and the sharp plastic pieces stick into the flesh of her foot.

"Holy shit!" she says sitting down hard on the sofa. She examines the bottom of her foot plucking out the small bits of lego and flicking them across the floor, one by one.

"TOBY!" her face wrinkles up into a shout. A shout of pain and frustration. "Can you PLEASE pick up the bloody lego you've left lying all over the floor. I swear you're trying to lay a trap."

Toby saunters into the room dragging a balloon behind him that's fast losing its helium.

"It's a line," he says. "I made a line."

"Put them away. Tea's nearly ready."

Toby lets go of the balloon and it hangs in mid-air just at the height of his head.

"Mum! Come look!" he says.

Trisha sighs and turns.

"What now?" she says.

"It's magic. Look! It's not touching the floor or the ceiling."

Trisha looks at the bright excited face of her son and her heart gives a slow lurch.

"Fish fingers," she says brushing his hair across his face. "Fish fingers and peas tonight."

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