One family

CBC Television -One Family One Nation advertisement 1958 - postcard

CBC Television -One Family One Nation advertisement 1958 - postcard


“What is that?” said Mary eyeing the large wooden box with suspicion.

“A television,” said Arthur. 

“A television?”

“Yep. Bought it today,” said Arthur patting the top. “As a surprise.”

“It’s not my birthday. Or yours for that matter. How can we afford it? It looks expensive.”

“And it was,” said Arthur. “Expensive! I took out a loan.”

“Arthur! How can we pay that back? You’re completely irresponsible.”

Mary slammed the tea towel she was holding down on the arm of the sofa.

“Mary. Mary!” Arthur ran after Mary and took her hand. “Everyone has one now. It’ll be like the cinema in our own front room. You love going to the cinema.” 

Mary turned and looked at her husband. 

“You should’ve asked me. We should’ve talked about this. These things are not just up to you. You keep saying you’ll stop. There was that camera last week. And the electric bike the week before. What’s happening? There’ll be nothing left for the baby.”

Arthur reached up and wiped the tears that were now running down Mary’s face.

“There is no baby, my love,” he said.

“There is!” said Mary her eyes gleaming at Arthur. “There will be. How can you say that? How can you say that there won’t?”

“Mary. The doctors. They said we can’t. It won’t happen for us. Remember?”

Mary pulled her face away from Arthur’s hand and walked away.


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