On the horizon

Across Horseshoe Bay, British Colombia, Canada, 2018

Across Horseshoe Bay, British Colombia, Canada, 2018

Writing Prompt No. 108

Have you ever seen a mermaid?

I have. A long time ago when I was young, a girl almost in my teenage years. We were crossing the bay, taking the ferry to the mainland. There were many stories of the mermaids in the bay but they were just that, stories, myths, fairy-tales.

I stood on the deck looking out at the horizon. The wind was gentle but I remember it still flicked at my hair making thin strands stick to the balm on my lips. I wasn’t looking at anything in particular musing, perhaps, about how little there was to see on the ocean.

Then, there it was. An unusual ripple across the water.

She appeared like a lizard of the sea. The scales that covered her body glittered in the sunlight. There was no long hair of a Disney princess. No breasts covered coyly by a seashell bra. Her tail snapped in the twist of her body as she dived down deep into the water. I waited, my eyes covering every inch of the sea before me, waiting for a glimpse of her again. She rose out of the water once more, a fish gripped between rows of small pointed teeth, slapping its tail for the last time. One hand reached for the fish, each finger connected to the next with a thin delicate web of skin. Her razor sharp teeth tore at the flesh biting down hard on the fine bones of its body.

When she’d finished, she looked up at me and her gaze buried deep into my body.

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