Telescope at The Observatory Science Centre, Herstmonceux UK

Telescope at The Observatory Science Centre, Herstmonceux UK

Writing Prompt No. 103

Henri peered through the eyepiece using a lever to focus the lens far into space.

It required patience and skill to bring something into view. The place was quiet most people had left for home at the end of the day. Two interns busied themselves in the office below trying to look important and indispensable.

His wife will be home now throwing her bag on the counter reaching for the rest of a bottle of wine from the night before. Take-out tonight. Too much hassle to cook when it’s late. She’ll take him for a walk tonight, the dog, as she does most nights. Henri will be home later than she tonight as he is most nights.

In the morning they’ll chat catching up on the news of the previous day as they move about the kitchen making tea and toast. He knows she’ll wait until Saturday before asking him the same question she’s been asking every week for a year.

Have you thought about it? Counselling? You know we need it. Does it mean anything to you? Our marriage?

And then he’ll feel spun out of control, confused and sweating.

Not now, he’ll say. I need a shower, he’ll say.

Then he’ll stand under the flower head of water, eyes closed, unwilling, unable to make the decision. It was her mistake. She'd had the affair. Why should he leave? None of it made sense to him. There wasn’t anything left to fix. He’d go to work as he always did every day and blind himself searching for the star.

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