No dogs

No Dogs, somewhere in Iceland 2014

No Dogs, somewhere in Iceland 2014


Wilson reached forward with such force John felt his shoulder shift in its socket.

“Wilson!” John braced himself against the strength of the fully grown male boxer. He was a strong dog but a bit stupid. It would take him a few minutes to stop pulling. Meanwhile, he coughed and choked with the pressure he exerted against his collar and lead.

“Stupid animal,” said John.

John ignored the sign or maybe he just didn’t see it. The sign with a picture of a dog with a thick red line through it. Wilson loved to run and he needed to run today. John bent down and unclipped the lead from Wilson’s collar.

“Go on. Off you go,” he said. “It’s a beautiful day for it.”

Wilson hesitated as he watched a crow fly down to rest on the dry, brown grass. With a yelp and a leap, Wilson sprang forward into a run at the bird. The crow reached out its wings and lifted itself away. John watched the drama unfold laughing to himself.

“Too quick for you,” he said as Wilson ran off into the distance.

“Wilson! Come on boy! Not too far. Come here!”

Wilson turned kicking up dust with all four paws and galloped towards John his tongue hanging out his legs gathering speed. He skidded to a halt by John’s feet.

“Good boy,” said John giving Wilson a good scratch and a rub. “Off you go again,” he said giving him a gentle nudge on his rump. Wilson set off once more, running into the distance.

John didn’t see the sheep on the horizon. His eyesight wasn’t what it used to be. By the time he heard the gunshot ring out across the landscape, Wilson was already dead.

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