Mother's Day

Me and my Mum circa 1970

Me and my Mum circa 1970


When I moved to Canada with my family in 2017, my Mum came to visit a couple of months later.

Sears was having a closing down sale so we decided to take a visit. In the kitchen department I found a box of pans, a nine piece set at a price too good to pass up. Only thing was the box was big. My Mum, always mindful of a good deal, persuaded me that we’d be able to carry the box between us. We discussed the issue of travelling the said box, which, as well as being big, also contained the weight of a nine piece set of saucepans, back to the car.

The kitchen department was on the first floor and we needed to get down to the ground. For some reason, maybe the lift was broken, we thought we’d manage the escalator. I took the front end of the box and my Mum took the back. Before we’d even lifted it up, we started giggling. It was a short shuffle to the top of the escalator where I spent a good minute or so trying to time when to put my foot on the first moving step. I could hear my Mum trying to stifle her laughter and the box between us shaking with her efforts. My Mum’s laughter is infectious. Through my giggles, I reached out with my foot and back again not quite committing to the escalator. Back and forth, back and forth, while my Mum and I struggled to hold the box and ourselves together. I knew the moment I stepped onto that first step we’d be off moving downwards and my Mum had better be ready.

I don’t know how but we did manage to get on and down the escalator. We made it through the shop and crossed the road and found the car parked up in the neighbouring car-park. Every time I use one of those pans I remember the time I bought them.

Happy Canadian Mother’s Day, Mum!

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