Monotone palm tree

Palm tree, Mexico © Tanya Clarke 2018

Palm tree, Mexico © Tanya Clarke 2018

Writing Prompt No. 14

Usually, when I think of a palm tree, I think of blue sky, bright sun and the sea.

I’m often surprised when I see palm trees growing in cooler climates where the sun lies low through the winter time. The occasional clear sunny day filtering through. I’ve always loved palm trees though. They speak of a different, tropical, holiday place where you might be lucky enough to get to especially if you live in a place where the wind blows hard or the rain beats down continually for several days at a time.

Where does that phrase ‘it’s raining cats and dogs’ come from?

I have had the opportunity to lie underneath a palm tree. What a joy and a privilege. So long as the ripened coconuts don’t drop and fall on you.

I once drank the water from a fresh coconut sold by a coconut seller standing by the side of a path we were walking. We were climbing to a high vantage point somewhere in Cuba. I don’t remember where exactly. The straw pushed through the hole in the coconut was thin, pink and plastic. It looked a little bit grubby but I used it anyway. When we got to where we were going there was a man with a bike and hundreds of butterflies fluttering - butter, flutter - all around us. It was a beautiful sight. I’ve never seen so many butterflies in one place flying freely.

There was a single butterfly that flew and fluttered by an open door on the sunniest morning after a dear friend had died. A butterfly in England in December. It was her, I think, coming to say a last goodbye.

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