Mirrored view

Still water, North Vancouver, 2018

Still water, North Vancouver, 2018

Writing Prompt No. 110

The air was thick like water.

He was disoriented by the reflection underneath him. Was it a reflection? He was swimming above the lake not in it. How was he breathing? How was he moving in thin air? He tried to reach down to the water to touch the surface but there was nothing to feel. His hand disappeared into something or nothing. The leaves above his head fluttered in a weak breeze.

He kicked his legs propelling himself higher. His head brushed the slight branches, his hair flowing up. This was water. Was it? He continued sweeping forward with his arms and kicking his legs to generate momentum. Up ahead a bird flew up out of the still lake not a drop of water clinging to its feathers. It clasped its wings beside its body diving up into the white sky. The bird vanished with the sound of a tiny splash.

The line that defined above and below became less visible the further he swam. The trees began to surround him plunging him into a dank gloom. He shivered. In the distance, a glow of yellow and orange caught his eye. Heat, warmth, people. His thoughts were becoming muddled. Nothing made sense. It was if he was experiencing the world upside down.

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