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Hotel foyer, Hyatt, Maui 2019

Hotel foyer, Hyatt, Maui 2019

Writing Prompt No. 125

Sandra leant forward in the chair and reached for her drink.

Lime and soda. She twisted a tendril of hair around her forefinger three times before letting it loose and tucking it behind her ear. She crossed one leg over the other letting the raised foot swing and bob a little. She’d arrived early and had taken a seat glad of the empty space but now people were arriving all she could see were the backs of everybody standing. One woman perched on the arm of the chair she was sat in, her soft bottom almost touching her arm. A laughing woman dropped into the chair opposite swinging her hair over her shoulder. Sandra smiled hoping for conversation but the woman turned to face a laughing man who sat on the edge of the table in front of her.

Sandra sighed and flicked her fingernails. Out of the corner of her eye a host carrying a large tray of drinks in long-stem glasses was making their way across the floor. Complimentary bubbles. Sandra stood and began to make her way through the crowd, sliding her shoulders sideways between the narrow gaps of bodies. She reached the host, smiled and picked up two full glasses. One for her and one for her too. Now she was standing in the middle of the event holding two glasses of champagne and an itch was developing where the lacy edge of her knickers curved around her buttocks. She wriggled and moved trying to alleviate the irritation. Some relief. She sipped at one of the glasses trying not to make eye contact with anyone in particular. Her muscles were relaxing and the skin on her face was beginning to warm. By the time Dolores found her she was flushed and red-eyed from the complimentary bar.

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