Little trees

Vancouver Island, 2019

Vancouver Island, 2019


A hand appeared at the top of the fence and a young woman leapt over, swinging both her legs out to the side.

She cleared the fence and landed falling into a side roll before getting back up and running away into the distance. Tilly spilt hot coffee over her hand.

“Ow! Shit, that’s hot,” she said, searching for something to wipe her hand on. In the end, she decided on her jeans.

“What the hell’s going on?” said Beth.

Another pair of hands reached up to the fence and another figure leapt over the top. The fence shook with the force. A man landed and rolled like the woman before. He got up and continued to run. He smiled at the pair sat at the table outside Tim Horton’s. They both smiled back.

“He’s nice,” said Beth, her fingers twirling her hair. She bit her lip.

”Jesus, Beth,” said Tilly.

“What?” said Beth. “No harm in looking.”

The man was in the distance now, running with a gentle soft gait.

“Enjoying the free-running?” said a man coming out of the shop.

“Parkour,” said Tilly.

“What?” said the man.

“Parkour. It’s called Parkour,” she said.

“Whatever,” said the man.

Tilly sighed and took a sip of her coffee.

“Careful,” said the man. “It’s hot.”

Tilly spat out her burning mouthful back into her cup and breathed hard to cool her tongue.

“I know,” she said, biting down with some strength on a Tim Bit.

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