Light spots

In the bathroom, 2019

In the bathroom, 2019


Speckles of reflection shimmered across the wall as Fay’s fine gossamer wings filtered the daylight that was coming in through the bathroom window.

Fay stretched them out as wide as she could bending her head forward to release some tension that was caught in her left shoulder muscle. Having wings was different from how she thought it would be.

She'd woken up last week still tired from being up half the night finishing homework. Her back had ached. She'd rubbed at the two sore points that had developed around her shoulder blades. She'd got up out of bed and stood with her back to the wall rubbing the bony protrusions until she'd gained some relief.

Over the following days, her wings had grown until a week later they unfolded behind her body into the large wings of a dragon-fly. She craned her neck over her shoulder trying to see them. When she stood in front of a mirror to look, they disappeared.

Her mum and dad never noticed anything different about her. But the cat backed himself under the table when she came into the kitchen that morning. He peeled back his lips, arched his back while hissing and spitting at her.

She struggled to manage the two huge extra body parts that were now a permanent fixture on her back. She stretched them out, sweeping them across the table catching the pot of jam by accident. The pot tipped over and rolled to the edge of her dad's plate of toast. Without saying a word he put down his book, picked up the pot and placed it back where it was as if Fay had caught it with her hand.

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