Kitchen corner

Morning sunlight, 2019

Morning sunlight, 2019


I look out of this window every morning.

I watch the summer sunlight cast sharp geometric shadows across the floor, the wall and the table. They frame my view. I take endless pictures of light, lines and shapes. I have always done this. Take a corner of a room that seems so ordinary, nothing special and watch the light change it into something magical and enchanting or dark and strange.

Objects can shape shift in a high contrast light. Soft subdued light makes the corner of the room appear melancholy, gentle or ominous. Nothing is ordinary. None of it remains the same. Light describes our everyday domestic worlds. It is possible to see the beauty in the shittiest of days. Those small moments that are easy to pass on by are the ones we should look out for. They are the moments that may bring us joy or peace or calm. Or reflect a difficult thing we need to tackle head-on.

What I see as I sit here is different every morning. That shimmer of distant heat over the city in the summer becomes a cool fog in the spring or a grey rain in the winter. And all the minute changes in between. I try to make a note of what I see to bring this into my body to remind myself that I am part of this. We are all a part of this world.

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