A jackdaw stood still on the wall one pupil highlighted bright by the sun.

Its feathers were smooth and sleek sweeping down its body to the ends of its tail. At first glance, it looked stuffed, unmoving. A slight breeze caused the fine fluff of down around the tops of its legs to ruffle.

A small paper bag sat, a metre or so away, bulging with the weight of its contents.

The bird turned its head in one sharp movement and flicked its eyes. It side-stepped closer to the bag. A woman sat facing the bird her long hair resting on her shoulders, her eyes hidden by her dark sunglasses.

The jackdaw turned its head again and moved once step at a time further and further down the wall. The woman glanced towards the bird but her look was absent-minded, unfocused. The bird stopped at waited. The woman turned back to her conversation running her hand through her hair letting it tumble and rest down her back.

The jackdaw moved again. It was closer now, almost at the paper bag. One minute longer. The bird’s movement was so fast no one noticed for a couple of seconds. Then its flutter of wings and the rustle of the bag made the man sitting by the wall leap into the air and wave his hand at the jackdaw. The jackdaw jumped back before grabbing half a doughnut in its beak that had fallen out of the bag. The man waved his hands at the bird again but the jackdaw reached out its wings and swooped at the man before flying away with its catch.

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