In the wrong place

Abandoned kayak, 2019

Abandoned kayak, 2019


Deep in the undergrowth, she found her far from the edge of the water.

She clambered over thick branches and pushed aside large luscious tropical leaves before laying her hands on the side of her beloved. Teenage kids had left their lager cans crumpled and empty at the bottom. This was a place for hiding.

Amanda sat down beside her. This was the one. The one that had taken her single-handed across the ocean, sailing where no other woman had been. Tears pricked her eyelids. She was old now. The experience had left its mark, left her longing for more. But the constant chronic aching in her body had stopped her.

Amanda had dragged her beloved there using a wheeled trailer. She’d dragged her far up the garden where she would never see her, where time would overtake her and bury her forever. And yet she was here now. Things were different. She needed to take back what she had left behind. She took a deep breath and stood. She was going to cut her beloved out from her burial ground.

She flexed the muscles in her arms and moved her shoulders up and down and round loosening the ligaments and tendons. There was popping from her joints. She wriggled her fingers. The time had come to run and this was her one chance. She had to get her boat out and down to the water.

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